Could Not Reproduce Thoughtseize


New member
Is it possible that the thoughtseize is buged? Its absurd how many times the same cards i’ve discard is drawn
Last leagues:
Vs belcher, discard chainbelch, draw chainbelch (he win)
Vs domain, only leyline binding saves him, i discard it, he draw it…
Vs creativity, i discard creativity, on this turn double archon with creativity… I could go on with more examples….
But maybe im just a guy with bad luck… thank you


The Thoughtseize „coincidental draw the card that was just discarded“ happens on a regular basis, but is rarely directly reproducable on demand. I‘ve seen this happen in quite a few games in the last months, as well. However, I‘ve also not seen this happen a lot. Seems to happen with scry effects from time to time, too.

But I think the events people remember are the odd I scried x to the bottom and drew the same card… they usually don‘t remember the times you scried x to the bottom and drew y.