The client auto close the command zone in 1v1 and solitaire games


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I have it so that my command zone will always start open 1v1 and solitaire, and it's a little annoying how the client auto hides this window when you take your first action past mulligans.

Screenshots show the game starts with the command zone open, stays open when choosing mulligan options, but suddenly closes when you take your first action.

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It would be nice (QOL?) if the In-Duel Settings would offer you the option to Always Keep Open other zones besides just the Red Zone. I personally always keep both Graveyard Zones open even when empty, and would like all my games to start that way. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Haven't figured out how that decision is made, but I'm pretty sure it's not "last state" based, as they're always both open when I lose a game, and thus would always be open when my next game started. Such is not always the case.