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Sacrificing a City of Brass to Squandered Resources is a game breaking bug. You can sacrifice the City of Brass, but than the box to choose the colored mana doesn't popup. You can't go on with the game. You can only undo the

sacrificing, but that means you can not use the City of Brass for the Squandered Resources.

Happened in Freeform Tournament Practice: Match # 256087754 - Game 827557146.
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This also occurs with Undiscovered Paradise and Gemstone Mine, I assume it's a problem with Squandered Resources and lands that add any colour.


This is also broken for the Lair lands like Darigaaz's Caldera; no options for any mana pop up and you have to undo. Pain lands (Llanowar Wastes) only let you sacrifice for colorless mana.


Hello there,

the card Squandered Ressources doesn't allow to add mana of a type a land could produce if that ability has an "OR" in it. I have found many examples by playtesting it :
-Sacrificing any land among Command Tower, Woodland Cemetery, Blooming Marsh, Nurturing Peatland doesn't allow to produce any mana.
-Sacrificing Twilight Mire OR Llanowar Wastes only allows to produce colorless mana (those have 2 mana abilities : one without an "OR" that produces coloress, one with an "OR" that produces B or G.
-Sacrificing a Phyrexian Tower allows to produce colorless or to produce B (two separate abilities on that land)
-Sacrificing a Bayou or an Overgrown tomb allows to produce B or G (two separate abilities on these lands)

The game ID I provide wil produce an example with Llanowar wastes.

Thank you for looking into this !


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Squandered Ressources definitely does not behave as expected in testing, and that's putting it mildly.

Event#269699258 Game#881997988

-Sacrificing a Bayou or an Overgrown tomb allows to produce B or G (two separate abilities on these lands)
Small nitpick, but typed dual lands don't have two abilities, they have the default "{T}: Add {X} or {Y}." template most duals have.