Fixed Skyclave Relic Tokens do not untap, can't be untapped with Manifold key either


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Cast Skyclave Relic with kicker
Wait till next turn
Expected: tokens untap
Current: Tokens do not untap

Cast manifold key, untap tokens with manifold key
Expected: Token untaps
Current: Token does not untap


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Happened again, so seems every time. This time: Match: 25497992 Game 820252998

So many broken cards since update, my decks are becoming unrecognizable as I have to remove so many cards that don't work.


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Yup, Just found this bug at a really inopportune time. I really needed that 2 extra Mana. Guess I'm swapping it out, or just playing a Darksteel Relic until it's fixed.


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I kicked a Skyclave Relic and the tokens didn't untap the whole game. My opponent played a Sleep with the Fishes on one of my creatures the turn after I played the relic, idk if that somehow affected the relic tokens?


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When you kick skyclave relic, the token copies never untap. They don't untap on the untap step, and they didn't untap when i used manifold key's ability to untap artifacts, and that didn't work either.


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Just played a kicked Skyclave Relic and in my next turn the copies stayed tapped. Nothing on the board to stop them untapping, so guessing that it has become bugged somehow?