Not A Bug Shatterskull Smashing with Blood Sun on the Battlefield


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Good Day,

not sure if anyone else has experienced this as this is as it might be a somewhat niche interaction - i even got the perfect screenshot tough i am not sure why i can't attach documents from my PC?

If i could, i could present to you the absolute evidence; instead i will describe it to you:

Could not cast Shatterskull smashing on Archon of cruelty with Blood Sun out:

"assigned damage for Shatterskull Smashing (currently 7) must be less than 6 or greater than 11 and even."

Is what was written in Chat when i was trying to cast said card on Archon of Cruelty.

I tried arround with the numbers since 8 did not work.

Has anyone else experienced this?

And again: got the Screenshot if possible to load up here.



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Blood Sun is irrelevant here - the message that you see in the client explains the exact problem. You're trying to assign 7 damage from Shatterskull Smashing, which is an amount of damage that Shatterskull Smashing can't deal. As soon as x is 6 or greater, Smashing's bonus rider kicks in, and it deals twice X damage, meaning that you must assign 12 damage once x = 6.