Backlog Shadow of Doubt doesn't prevent searching library with The Stone Brain ability


Match #254210604
Turn 4
Opponent sacrifices The Stone Brain using its activated ability. I respond with Shadow of Doubt. Opponent names Counterspell and still exiles all the copies from my library
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My opponent targeted me with stone brain, i respond with shadow of doubt. Shadow of doubt is supposed to stop them from searching my library, but they still can. Please fix.

I have been reporting bugs all week, would be cool if a mod acknowledged that they are at least seen.


Commenting here since this bug has been confirmed for months with no additional information from mods on a fix being worked.


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Happened to me yesterday... with the release of The One Ring, monoblack coffers on modern got a huge power spike, so I am afraid this will be happening more and more often... could it get fixed? If it works with extirpate or surgical extraction, I believe a fix should be doable :). Thanks in advance!