Confirmed Saproling Burst tokens after enchantment is destroyed


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During a match my opponent activated Saproling Burst to create multiple saproling tokens and in response I activated Seal of Cleansing to destroy the Burst. After Saproling Burst was destroyed the activations continued to resolve and my opponent had three 3/3 saproling tokens in play. This is a bug as the tokens have power and toughness equal to the number of fading counters on Saproling Burst which is now zero. Confirmed with multiple judges that this is a bug according to CR 604.7 Unlike spells and other kinds of abilities, static abilities can’t use an object’s last known information for purposes of determining how their effects are applied.
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When tested the Saproling tokens from Saproling Burst all correctly died to state based actions from being a 0/0 when the Saproling Burst was destroyed before the triggers creating them had resolved. This would lead me to ask if there was something else in play keeping the 0/0 tokens alive by providing an anthem effect to them?

Event#269591700 Game#881568762


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I was the opponent, Caustek. This is a relevant bug that should be resolved for the Greater Good combo decks in Premodern.


This also affects the Fires of Yavimaya deck, variants of Parallax Replenish combo, and various PandeBurst focused decks. Please fix!


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Nothing else in play. You can see the tokens here which were just created with Saproling Burst even though the Burst has just been destroyed.

The behavior in your screenshot is definitely incorrect given what can be seen, and I would say warrants investigation by the devs.

I tried another test using the exact removal spell used instead of Fracture, but changing to Seal of Cleansing didn't change the results in testing. Everything functions correctly in testing, but that doesn't change the fact that you have a screen shot clearly showing incorrect behavior.

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