"Replay Game" function stops for some games but not all?


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Hello all! I got 1st place in a couple of pioneer challenges using a new deck (gruul prowess) a few days after slickshot showoff was released. I am attempting to go back through and record these events using the "replay game" function to showcase the deck at a competitive level but some of the games will just stop at a certain point. I can still scroll over items and see them responding so the software did not freeze, it just looks like the game logs got corrupted.

I was able to go through all these games just fine about a week ago; I took notes on the games but when I went back in to actually record, most of the game replays no longer work. I looked into it and saw some complaints from about 8 years ago about this saying it happened after updates but I could not find anything more recent. Just wanted to put this out there in case it was not on anyone's radar.
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