Confirmed Ratchet, Field Medic's triggered ability doesn't do anything


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Ran into this in a league today, whenever Ratchet's ability triggers (the one that returns artifact cards from your graveyard to the battlefield), it doesn't give you the option to actually select a target and the ability has no effect.
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If it helps, you can see the bug in event 254169696 game 819759294. When you gain life it does trigger and a little box pops up, but there is no way to actually play return an artifact and transform Ratchet.


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The field medic part of ratchet seemes to be bugged so my observations;

It'll trigger but not allow a return artifact.

It seems to be especially bad at triggering itself/or during combat.

It's inconsistent, it'll sometimes work but the very next turn not.

Unsure why
Also, it works if you play a 1 player test game with no opponent, then doesn't if you have an opponent. Not sure why this happens...