Fixed Random Swamp in Magic 30 Cube Deck


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I am playing in the Magic 30 cube. In the second game of my second round, I drew a Swamp which was not in my deck at any time during deck construction. This also happened twice to my round one opponent.


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In games one and three of my match (262118487), I drew a random swamp with the wrong art. I wasn't playing any swamps in the deck and it's set came up as "The Fake Set".

The game IDs are 851766090 and 851766928


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This happened to me too in two different drafts.
Game IDs for round one of the second draft it happened are 851917500 and 851917818


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I had the same problem.
First game, I thought I may have made a mistake during deckbuilding, so I checked my deck carefully between rounds/games : no swamp.
I kept drawing it thought.


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Même problème pas de marais dans mon jeu je jouais bleu rouge ..
Identifiant MATCH : 262158004


Happened to me as well. While searching my deck, I took a screenshot and by process of elimination I determined it to be my Goblin Grenade was replaced by a Swamp.

Game IDs 851931834, 851932480, 851933378


I think it has been mentioned elsewhere, but this is a bug replacing the brainstorm with a swamp in the match.


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i saw this happen today with goblin guide, as well. my opponent also had the issue and they told me they had brainstorm in their pool.


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Hopefully this annoying bug gets fixed before vintage cube returns on Oct 4, as Brainstorm is featured in that cube as well.