Not A Bug Priority after Emperor of Bones trigger


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After resolving the beginning of combat trigger of Emperor of Bones, there's no time to activate its adapt before declare attackers, preventing you from being able to summon and attack with a minion that you just exiled. Not sure if this is a bug or just me not knowing how the game works, but from my understanding I should get priority after the trigger resolves while still being in the beginning of combat. The same thing happened while holding down control.


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Everything works as expected when I set it up in solitaire testing. It sounds like you don't have a stop set in the beginning of combat step, and because of this the client is moving on straight to the declare attack step since it doesn't see a stop set. This can be changed by manually setting the stop during a game by right clicking that phase and selecting to add a stop, or it can be done by changing your stops in the In-Duel settings page of the options menu in the client.

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