Confirmed Pithing Needle Bug

Example of the bug occurring:

The discussion of the bug starts at the original timestamp, and then the bug actually occurs at 2:10:00.

There are many people on Magic Online that are aware of the bug and knowingly exploit it, and it has personally cost me 2 challenge runs and numerous league 5-0s.
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This should be addressed. I know it's hard to actually make it a mana ability, but why can't MTGO label these abilities with a separate Bool as mana abilities, then prevent cards like Pithing Needle from stopping them if that flag is True? This is making a competitively viable deck much worse on MTGO than in paper.


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I was playing this a game am my opponent was playing Pithing needle and i wan'ted to activate my card in response. However i was not able to tab my Lands for mana.
I was streaming my match and so this can be seen in this Vod;
at the Timestamp 57:30. Im not quite sure what happend here to be honest.