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Had Pick your Poison bug on me 3 different games now, select mode but wont let you submit. I had the same problem with Abrade recently which I heard other people had a problem with. Funny thing is my next game after being smashed by an Emrakul, Pick Your Poison fired off no problem. Then my next 3 games it bugged out, multiple turns, just couldnt cast it at all, even waited 30+ seconds for it to catch up, still nothing.

I've had MTGO for like 3 days, spent a little bit of money to get started with a CrabVine Modern deck and this is the typical Wotc shenanigans I should have expected. Thanks for wasting my tickets...

Cast to Sac Emrakul, Fail
Cast to Sac Amulet, Fail
Cast to Sac Urza's Saga, Fail


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Yes, there is a known intermittent problem with modal spells. (If you can find the other posts, Upvote them.)
For Daybreak to investigate, they will need actual Game numbers. Game # is 9 digits long and starts with an 8.

BTW, WOTC is no longer in charge of MTGO. It has been turned over to Daybreak Games.

But Shenanigans, I like! Great card! ;^)
I tried to post in that thread but it said I have insufficient privileges to reply, also I don't have screen shots but I have Game numbers of a couple games where I spend 30+ seconds on my clock trying to cast Pick your Poison before giving up and losing terribly lol but the weird thing is I have multiple other games where Pick your Poison fires off just fine.

Game #879018368 Turn 3 I try to cast Pick your Poison to sacrifice an Artifact, They get an Emrakul in play, then Turn 4 I try to make them Sacrifice a creature with flying. Both were grayed out like the screenshots other people have shared.

Game #879040564 Turn 3 I try to cast Pick your Poison to sacrifice an Enchantment, Urza's Saga being the only target, Their turn 3 they end up with 2 Amulets and a One Ring and run away from there lol feels bad re-watching these
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This is due to be fixed with the next downtime.

In the meantime, there is a workaround: If presented with multiple lines of "Cast" options when you click the card to cast, choose the bottom-most option.