Option to auto-resolve coin flips

Right now, MTGO asks you to manually select heads or tails for every effect formatted "flip a coin. If you win...". While this is a cute bit of flavor, there is no option to make this selection automatic, which is especially problematic since many recent coinflip designs seem to cause/reward flipping many coins in a turn (Zndrsplt, Yusri, Krark the Thumbless, Mirror March) potentially leading to a lot of wasted time/clicks on what is functionally a pointless choice. While these cards currently don't see much competitive play it seems like a good bit of future-proofing in case some such card does break through, and my understanding is coin-flipping is a popular archetype in EDH.

My preferred solution would be having this as a toggle in game settings (you could even have one option for auto-selecting. The only potential issue I can see is knowing which to select in the case of Krark's Thumb, but this seems easily resolvable by updating the prompt to remind you what you auto-selected.

Even if this is impossible, being able to select "always Heads" in the same way we can already select "always Yes" on relevant triggers/activated abilities would go a long way.