Could Not Reproduce Opponents Graven Cairns coming into play causes crash


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As the title suggests, I played a league match where an opponent had Graven Cairns in their deck, and across multiple games, every time Graven Cairns was played from hand onto the battlefield as the land drop for turn by my opponent, MTGO crashed and had to be restarted. After that match, I completed the league without any other difficulty, suggesting that it was not my set up that caused the issue (but not conclusively).

Has anyone else experienced this or a similar issue?


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Yep, this exact scenario happened to me yesterday. I had Graven Cairns in my draft deck, and every time I played it MTGO would freeze / crash and I could not get back into the game. Happened twice.


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Are the versions of Graven Cairns from Future Sight? It is my understanding there are still a few Future Sight cards causing problems.
This only happens with some FUT-border cards; we had this problem happen in PD with Graven Cairns (from FUT), River of Tears (from FUT), and Nimbus Maze (there's only one print). Here's (<- link) a screenshot showing the crash (see; River of Tears entering in the log). Game ID: 852465728, match ID: 262299313 (I think, tried to write out of the screenshot, not 100% sure).

Note: this game I was in a Virtualbox machine, so might not be reproducible, but still worth investigating.

Note 2 (Edit: Added this): this caused a persistent crash for me every time it happened, this crash would happen again whenever I would restart MTGO, until the game with the FUT card played was deleted from the currently active games (after I time out)