Fixed Opponent's crimes triggering with my own crimes


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I was playing a game agains an opponent with some Deepmuck desperados, and they both triggered with my own crimes being commited. Saw this again in a later game, but didn't take any screenshot, it happened with an omenport vigilante, so seem's to be the crime mechanic and not just the card that are broken.
(New to the bug platform, didn't find a way to upload a picture)


I've had this happen to me and opponent multiple times. It seems to be triggering crimes for me, when they commit a crime on their turn. (This is for cards that have a passive trigger).


I've also had this same issue. Example when casting Journey to Nowhere on my opp Marauding Sphinx, they got to surveil 2 from it.


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Same here, it happened in several cases:

I was playing in a league when I encountered an opponent playing a number of crime payoff cards (Raven of Fell Omens, Lazav). I had Laughing Jasper Flint in play, and all my opponents cards triggered in my upkeep, even though I was the one committing the crime, not them.

In match 1 of the same draft, I committed a crime by plotting Longhorn Sharpshooter, but then did not get the option to sacrifice Servant of the Stinger when I dealt my opponent combat damage with it.

Additionally, in a different league, I had an Omenport Vigilante in play. I played a Mystical Tether. My Omenport Vigilante briefly had Double Strike while the trigger of the Tether was on the stack. It then lost it again, when the ability resolved.


(1) I saw at least 3 situations where my opp got the benefit of me casting spells to target them/something of theirs.
(2)In addition to them getting the benefits, it considered it to be 'their turn' because I was the active player targeting something.

Here's one I took snapshots of:
I cast journey to nowhere on my opp's marauding sphinx; they got to surveil 2.