Fixed Not able to cast Kaya's Guile for the regular casting cost, entwine only


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Same here! I can't cast Kaya's Guile for it regular cost, I'm only allowed to cast it for its entwine cost


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Same issue, lost 1 game of a match to double effect of kaya's guile, need a refund(
event #254108366 game #819521188


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I was trying to play with Kaya's Guile today. It wouldn't let me pay 3 mana for 2 options but would only accept 6 mana.
Sorry just noticed there's already a thread on this.


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On the receiving end of a Kaya's Guile, opp entwined and received two spirits instead of one. No other Guile was cast the entire match.


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Just played a match and tried to cast Kaya's Guile for its normal 1BW cost and it would not let me, only would allow me to cast for its Entwine (3) cost. Not only this but all of its effects are doubled. Opponents sac 2 creatures, Exile Opponents' graveyard twice, Creates 2 spirits, and gains you 8 life.

Something seriously wrong here, MTGO please look into this and fix it, seems to be a pretty crazy bug.