Nice to meet you!


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Good day!

I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I am the newest addition to the community team! I have been involved in gaming since the late 90s. Before that it was all about console and tabletop gaming and I still have many of them (and play them often).

I started out as a volunteer in an MMORPG in 2007, the community was amazing, and I was hooked on helping. When I was offered a paying job to do what I love soon thereafter, I jumped at the chance and never looked back! As far as I am concerned, I have the best job ever and would not trade it for anything.

I love pets and will share pics of my pets and gladly accept your pet pics anytime you feel like sharing them with me. I am a HUGE foodie and will also share recipes and pics of the foods I create. Disney movies are my jam, I can often be found inserting a line or two from a Disney tune into my responses…Disney goes with everything! I love having gif wars too.

Please never hesitate to message me with questions, concerns, or ideas, my proverbial door is always open.

Happy gaming!


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Hello! Great to see the forum is back. Looking forward to seeing the game continue to grow under Daybreak's supervision. There really is nothing like MTGO for digitally replicating the experience of playing paper magic. Hoping it has a long and bright future ahead of it.