New Accounts with 140 card decks?


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Was wondering what is up with those new accounts that always seem to play 140 random card decks? They take forever for their turns, never play anything, sometimes even discard lands at end of turn and concede after 3 or 4 turns of doing nothing... almost feels like playing bots.

I run into those on a regular basis in the open standard rooms and was curious if anyone else made any similar experiences?

They also always seem to have their chat disabled so you can't even interact with them in any way.

Check screenshot below (opponent down more than 10 minutes hasn't played anything, discarded twice then just disconnects).

Also those 140 card decks seem to take to load forever, slowing the client down considerably.

If these are new players with auto generated decks, could we at least have them play with only 60 card decks so that at least the annoying loading time gets cut down?

And as I said, I usually play those kind of players at least once every other day... it's a really bad time waster.



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Here we go again... new day, new guy... same procedure as every day...

Seriously... what's this about mtgo team? Can we please get this fixed? It is VERY irritating, especially as you have to wait a couple minutes to get the game even started.



These are likely win traders - their tactic is to hold you up while other accounts of theirs are paired against one another quickly to gain prizes.

Anyone who sees behaviors like this should file a conduct report with Customer Support at


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Win Trading really doesn‘t make a lot of sense, as these occur in the free to play best of one open rooms.


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Another interesting tidbit about those guys... they start of with a 140 deck, but somehow the decksize goes down to 139 even after they draw their starting hand???

Please... I need to solve this mystery... anyone got a clue what is going on here?