Fixed Multiplayer games restarting whenever anyone mulligans


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A bug encountered across multiple different commander games the evening of January 14th, 2023. When resolving Mulligans, the game would restart from scratch, reroll first player and deal new hands quite often, possibly whenever at least one person declared a mulligan, the chat log invoking a generic error. A game was successfully started when everybody kept their first starting hand.
Games that fail to start are #825919694 of event #255687908, #825926712 of event #255689814 and game #825926990 of event #255689859.
Game #825920110 of event #255688228 didn't involve any mulligans and started without hitch.

Chat log of a game with multiple such restarts.


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I have also seen it happen many times, maybe not triggered by one mulligan but if everyone mulligans and someone mulligans multiple times it become more unstable.


Have had 4 games in a row where this crash loop happened so far in the approx hour and a half where I have been online this morning. In at least two of those games, I kept my opening hands.