MTGO Vintage Introduction

Vintage is very affordable and accessible via MTGO! This high power format provides a great place to experience the strongest cards in magics history.

If you are looking to enter the Vintage Community on MTGO I am going to provide some helpful links!

Introduction to the Vintage Metagame - Video

MTGO Vintage Discord (English)

Public Community Gathered Data Sheet

Vintage 101 - Article Series

Youtube Content Creators
IamActuallyLvL1 - Various
Montolio - Various
revenantkioku - Doomsday Specialist


Miharu Fuyumiya - Oath Specialist
noprops - Bazaar Specialist


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Watch all of IamActuallyLvL1's content! He's being too modest here - Justin is the most prominent vintage content creator out there and a great ambassador for the format.