Could Not Reproduce Moto glitching/freezing


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Lately Moto has been glitching and freezing a lot for me. A few days ago it completely froze during a supreme vintage draft and i missed my last few picks. Today 3/8/24 it completely froze again during my pauper league match. I closed and reopened the client and managed to complete my match but card images weren't showing up and the game was still lagging/glitching very badly. My internet connection isn't the issue. On all my devices my internet is working completely fine and my computer is running every other application with no issues. The issue appears to be with moto itself. I am wondering if anyone else is dealing with this issue lately. I know one of my opponents in the vintage cube draft I did said it was acting the same for him.


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Community Team
Unless you can provide logs screenshots or a video there is nothing we can do about this please provide those or I will have to close this thread.