Could Not Reproduce Modal Dialogs get stuck for minutes


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The way spells that require choosing a mode work was changed in an update around April. For example, "Sheoldred's Edict" you have to pick one of three modes. This used to be done in a small dialog that appeared next to the card when you clicked it, but since that update, a modal dialog appears, you need to select an option, and the button to Cast is disabled until you do. However, when MTGO starts to work slowly (usually after a long match), this modal dialog gets stuck and Cast button remains disabled even after selecting a mode, and this can last for up to 3 minutes. Restarting the game solves this, but I've lost several matches because of this, by timing out. Restarting the game would take 2-3 minutes, and so does waiting for the spell to become castable, and those minutes made the difference between winning and losing.
When MTGO is working slow, everything takes a couple more seconds that normal, which is pretty annoying by itself, but modal dialogs getting stuck for minutes is terrible user experience, and results in game losses. Please fix!


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This is a known problem, and there are other threads about it that you can Upvote to move it up the "Fix" list. In the meantime (in a post elsewhere), I believe MTGO_Tony mentioned there is a workaround. Select the bottom option (even if it's not the one you want), and the Cast button should become available. Then select the option you actually want.

I can't verify this works, because I've never had a problem with modal spells. But it's worth a try.


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Tag applied: Could Not Reproduce
Testing applied: Tested with for 12 turns with 4 players in both a Commander and Freeform match Sheoldred's Edict, Return the Favor, Kozilek's Command, Atarkar's Command and Austere Command.
Test Results: Worked as intended without any delay, lag or unresponsive behavior.