Could Not Reproduce Manually selecting mana to pay for a spell for rest of the game


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Some games I realize I'm suddenly needing to pick which mana I want to use even if I start to cast the spell with an empty mana pool and I select the correct mana to pay. I realized today that at least one of the initiation conditions is if I try to cast a spell, tap a dual land for the wrong color mana, then ctrl-z to untap the land and select tap for the right color. Most times when I do that I then need to select the mana in my pool, and the condition continues even after the spell is cast. I did this in the video in a solitaire practice game but I'm almost sure it happened in the Game ID I added as well.

As a side note, I think that when this condition is activated, the game performance tanks. I haven't paid attention enough to see if that's consistently true, but in my couple of solitaire games my clicking slowed down dramatically after encountering the bug.



Yes this has been a bug for around a year now? It is solved by pressing the control key once. But yes it is very annoying and would be nice if it was fixed.


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Testing applied: Used multiple different lands and dual lands, undid adding mana to the mana pool with the right-click Undo function and the CTRL+Z shortcut. Tested with instants, sorceries and creature spells cast before and after adding mana to the mana pool and cancelling it.
Test Results: Spells cast always took any corresponding floating mana available in the mana pool to resolve the cast.