Not A Bug Lictor costs 3g instead of 2g


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Do you have a source for the notes where WotC said they were giving Lictor errata? Gatherer is such a mess of a website that I do not take any information on it at face value because according to Gatherer "+2 Mace" isn't a Magic card, but it clearly is.


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Lictor got day 0 errata to be 3 mana instead of 4, but mtgo uses its printed text rather than its oracle text

Cards oracle text for reference
This can’t be right. I can’t find any info about such a Day 0 errata for Lichtor. Wotc also doesnt just change the mana value of printed cards like that. This is simply a Gatherer bug, but the card is implemented correctly on Mtgo. Lichtor would be pretty insane as a 3-drop lol.