Legacy/Vintage Challenge Decklists

This is just a long term suggestion, as I think it matters most for these two formats because they are older formats, but I would like to suggest the position of publishing all Challenge decklists for these events as opposed to the Top 16/32 based on event. With Daybreak taking over I would like to posit this for these formats.

Primarily I suggest this because much of the community in these older formats is more centered on MTGO in general, and as these are formats with very little official paper competitive aspects (many of the paper events are community based with no official Wizards support) that it would be very helpful for these formats to have more data available for their formats. Especially in Vintage where many of the Challenges only have 50-60 players in them, cutting off at the Top 32 isn't very helpful.

I don't expect much out of this, but I really appreciate the work that Daybreak has been doing on MTGO as of late and I think they're doing a fantastic job with all the planned enhancements to the client and will happily support this. I think this would be a good feature enhancement for the client overall for these smaller communities.

- Joe, MTGGoldfish Columnist
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