Implemented Legacy/Vintage Challenge Decklists

This is just a long term suggestion, as I think it matters most for these two formats because they are older formats, but I would like to suggest the position of publishing all Challenge decklists for these events as opposed to the Top 16/32 based on event. With Daybreak taking over I would like to posit this for these formats.

Primarily I suggest this because much of the community in these older formats is more centered on MTGO in general, and as these are formats with very little official paper competitive aspects (many of the paper events are community based with no official Wizards support) that it would be very helpful for these formats to have more data available for their formats. Especially in Vintage where many of the Challenges only have 50-60 players in them, cutting off at the Top 32 isn't very helpful.

I don't expect much out of this, but I really appreciate the work that Daybreak has been doing on MTGO as of late and I think they're doing a fantastic job with all the planned enhancements to the client and will happily support this. I think this would be a good feature enhancement for the client overall for these smaller communities.

- Joe, MTGGoldfish Columnist
Thanks! If you need some outside perspective from a community member I would be more than happy to meet with your team over discord or however to talk about it. I think it would go a long way for the formats to do this.


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Came here to say that this would be an incredible change, and help grow the commuity even more. What VolrathXP and his team have done has been invaluable for the Legacy community. Being able to understand what the format looks like, and especially what the different winrates are, really gives everything a deeper feeling to it, and makes both for great narratives, competitive storylines and or just things to talk about.

Having the burden of manually collecting this data at least twice a week lifted from their shoulders would be incredibly valuable. Magic players in general, but especially eternal players really love data.


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If possible Pauper too, they also have a data project. Honestly all formats having full lists published would be super helpful to the community.

It would be great to have full meta percentages for the site I work for


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I just want to add my support to this idea. There are usually 2-3 people doing replays per legacy challenge and about another 2-3 working for the next week on individually contacting the missing players. This would be a huge help for all data projects, communities and MTG data enthusiasts.


Also adding support on this. The community effort to manually collect data is currently very high, publishing all of the lists has very little downside and would be valuable to the community.
Simply find those tournament results to be the best way for someone like me that has little playtime and little social MtG interaction (numerous family^^) to stay in some kind of contact with a metagame ! Also I really appreciate the articles in general, and supported by data they are even more impactful.
They really motivate me to stay in contact with Magic in one of its best formats !

As a further aside to this, I'd love to also see Pauper get lumped into this as well as an Eternal format on MTGO.

Basically, if it's a format that's more than likely to be used for PT level events (since those formats are mostly Standard, Pioneer, and Modern), we should get all the data on them from Challenges.


Big fan of this idea. It was so disappointing to even lose the league data that used to get published daily. More lists to peruse would be super exciting.