Not A Bug Knight-Errant of Eos ETB trigger counts wrong


Match #258039272 game 2 Turn 6

I play Knight-Errant of Eos, by Convoking with Phyrexian Token and Alabaster Host Sanctifier. So the X for Knight's ability is 2.
Resolving the trigger, I watch 6 top cards, and there are Bloodfeather Phoenix and Grafted Butcher with mana value 2 each.
But its unable to take any of them to my hand.


I just resolved that ability with no such issues, you have to pay attention to prompts though, there are in order:
  1. Look at the cards -> click OK to move to next
  2. Do you want to use the ability? -> click yes to move to the next
  3. Select cards -> this is the step where you actually get to select the creatures