Fixed Kinnan + Gwenna bugged


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Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy and Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea do not interact as they should on MTGO. Gwenna should add 3 mana when tapped while Kinnan is in play, and it currently only adds 2. Would it be possible for members of the MTGO crew to look into this? Thanks!


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A brand new Planeswalker in ONE would make this deck so much better and I can't test it on mtgo because of this bug. Please communicate where this is in the backlog if possible?


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I play a deck with this interaction in Pioneer, and it is frustrating not to be able to play it on MTGO. I have to settle with playing a similar version in Explorer on Arena.


Moving to Backlog for now, but leaving here for additional upvotes

This fix is projected to require about a week's worth of one dev's time, which we can't spare until we've hired and trained enough folks to get up to full strength. That process will take a couple months at least.


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I'm playing in a league and this mana doesn't work, i have both kinnan and gwenna in play and it only adds 2 mana. This needs to be fixed!!! I will lose games due to this.