Fixed Kethek, Crucible Goliath shows my entire library every turn. I never sacrificed anything.


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Today I played in a draft with the new Kethek, Cruicible Goliath card. There were two issues with it:

1. Sometimes when I would choose not to sacrifice a creature , the effect would revel my entire library to my opponent even though it shouldn't revel anything if I choose not to sac a creature.

2. In a different game, after I successfully sacrificed a creature to Kethek's trigger, the effect put a creature from my library with a lower mana value into play like it is supposed to. But the next time the effect triggered (the end of my next turn) I choose not to sacrifice a creature, and a random creature was put into play anyway. This happened again on the next turn.

Any help you can provide in fixing this buggy new card would be much appreciated.
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Can confirm both of these - I've played multiple games against Kethek where the trigger reveals the opponent's entire library.

I'm currently in a game right now where my opponent has a Kethek in play, and the last four triggers they've declined to sacrifice a creature and still a (seemingly random) creature is put into play. I will be filing for comp, as this bug has determined the outcome of the match.

Between this and the Ria Ivor bug, I'm not feeling super confident drafting this set on MTGO which is a bummer!


League #7178 - Match #256360674 - Game #828616910
I had Kethek, Crucible Goliath in play for a few turns and every turn it was in play it showed my entire library to my opponent. There were 169 cards revealed by me but I only had 6 lands in play.