In Consideration Improving log information


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I would like to suggest that whenever a spell/ability exiles a card (yours or your opponents) that you have permission to play that the game log explicitly call out what was exiled by said spell/ability.

I'm definitely asking this because in multiplayer hunting down which cards got exiled to what can be confusing at times, but I feel better clarity of game information is an improvement for everyone.

The Ruinous Powers is a recent example that came up from an opponent in a recent game.

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I would like to add to this suggestion by saying that the log doesn't seem to be clear with informing what player was targeted with which mode of Rush of Dread, and more clarity would be nice for spells that can target multiple opponents at once.



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13:57: Turn 9: Adrowo
13:57: Adrowo casts Stream of Thought (Replicated 1 time) targeting PedraStone.
13:57: Adrowo puts triggered ability from Stream of Thought onto the stack (Replicate (When you cast this spell, if a replicate cost was paid for it, copy it for each...).
13:57: PedraStone mills Abundant Growth, Rancor, Gladecover Scout, and Abundant Growth.
13:57: PedraStone mills Ram Through, Utopia Sprawl, Ancestral Mask, and Utopia Sprawl.
13:57: Adrowo plays Island.

I dont have the information what a cards my opponent shufle in deck