How do I look to see when formats like cube will be available?

I just want to play cube, so I'm trying to look online to see when it comes back toa availability on magic online, and apparently I am too slow or inept with computers to find this information. When I click "calendar" on the magic online homepage it is just telling me a text list of when premiere events are happening, for example, not anything about formats.

ALSO - why are cubes available so infrequently? Me and ALL my friends who play magic just want to play cube. When it's down we just don't play magic digitally and just play other games instead. It seems like it should just be up all the time in one form or another, to us at least. maybe we are the ones who are wrong?


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This is a great suggestion. You might want to make it in the “Suggestions” area of the Forums so that others can upvote. It will probably get more attention over there.


We always list Alternate Play in the MTGO Blog and in each set article that comes out. For example, the Alt Play for MOM season will be shown in next Tuesday's set article