Fixed Help Button on Home Scene Crashes Client


We're not able to replicate this issue, as least in the base case of "Open Client, Let it Load, Click Icon". Are there other repro steps we can investigate?


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This crash still happens for me.

I turn on my laptop, load client, log in, let it load, and then click the question mark in the upper right hand corner. It crashes my client every single time (tried 3 times).
Me too. Don't even have to log in. As soon as I click the "?" in the upper right the MTGO client instantly closes (and is gone from task manager) with no error message of any kind. The good news is I never once clicked on that icon until I was trying to reproduce this bug 😂.


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Mtgo_TonyM are you clicking the ? mark in the upper right hand corner of the application? 'Cause myself along with a lot of people are having this issue. Not to hard to replicate.