Could Not Reproduce Glitched Game Won't Go Away


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I played a game 5 days ago that froze up. Like I couldn't click on anything, timer was running but I couldn't really do anything. So I tried closing MTGO and quickly reopening it. It reopened the game but I still couldn't do anything.

It's been 5 days now and even though the game ended 5 days ago, it ALWAYS comes up every time I open MTGO and it won't go away. I'll hit concede and close it, I'll hit "Hide event" and close it. It always pops back up every time I log in again.

I'm assuming this "can't be replicated" and that it's unlikely anyone else has had this problem. But I'd love if somehow I could get help with this or get it fixed. It's a fairly minor issue but I'd like to avoid having that lil extra bit of lag and having to close this dead game EVERY time I log on from now on.