Backlog game log broken

when declaring multi targets it wont say who is attacking who... it just show all monster as attacking a single player, and its overall bugged in many ways.. it also sometimes replaces spell names with player names

like " player 1 casts " player 3
, or player 3 attacker player 2 with player 4 ( as the monster)
its overall really buggy

it did used to be fully functional a few patches ago ( im not sure exactly when it broke but it iirc its been broken for at least 6+ months)
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These bugs also apply to 4-player Commander/EDH, which is a very common game type on MTGO.

The bugs mainly occur in the game-log. It gives incorrect names for cards and effect sources, and in any attack always lists all creatures as attacking the same target, even when they are not.
When someone attacks with multiple creatures, some attacking one planeswalker, some attacking a player or another planeswalker, the game log will often say that they are all attacking only one of those. In the attached picture you can see the log told me I was being attacked by all four creatures, forcing me to block to survive, but then my Jace dies because I was in fact not being attacked with all the four creatures. You can see in the game log that my opponent removes counters from Jace for first strike damage and normal damage, despite the log saying that nothing was attacking Jace. With my Goblin Electromancer now dead I was unable to play my Magma Opus, which was my best chance to get back in this game.


This bug has been around for some years.
this is might related to a very similar issue that happens in multiplayer when regardless where the log says all attackers are attacking 1 player even if they aren't


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I can confirm the game log definitely has lots of problems. Sometimes it doesn’t report an action that has taken place, and other times it replaces card names with player names (as OP noted).


We haven't been able to find a consistent repro for this issue and our team's bandwidth is constrained, so moving to Backlog status for now. Upvotes will still be noted
We haven't been able to find a consistent repro for this issue and our team's bandwidth is constrained, so moving to Backlog status for now. Upvotes will still be noted

Is the issue that you can't find the source of the bugs, or that you're not seeing them? If it's the latter, they occur frequently in most 4-player games. Here's a screenshot showing what they look like:

Note that here the most recent action was a player casting Lightning Bolt, but the game log recorded it as that player casting my player-name instead.


This error appears in every 4 player commander game I play. It is very common to see a card name replaced by a player name.


Game ID #830282814 (turn 6)
My opponent drops Atraxa and the game log shows the 10 cards they reveal. However, it doesn't show the cards they picked correctly, as the last card's name is replaced by my opponent's username. In the end, I only know 4 of the 5 cards they picked.



This bug is annoying, but especially so, when it conceals public information.
My opponent resolved "free the fae" (the adventure side of Picklock Prankster). Then I checked the game log, to see what they chose. It said that they chose "nuserdog", which is my account name, instead of an instant or sorcery/faerie.
Game nr: 855377958