Confirmed Foretell in multiplayer crashing the client.


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There seems to be a bug with the foretell mechanic in multiplayer where when someone foretells a card it will crash the client of at least one of your opponents consistently. The person usually comes right back, but it would be nice if the mere act of using a mechanic of a card didn't crash the client of an opponent. Also as an aside, in multiplayer the client doesn't display the facedown foretell card at all in exile, and there's no way to tell other than reading the log that that a card has been foretold.

Some example games were my buddies and I encountered this bug twice and our recent play session.
Event# 258867545 Game# 838617116
Event# 258865514 Game# 838608650
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Happened to me twice in our games tonight. Would really like to make sure it doesn't drop people who potentially won't be able to get back into the game. It also caused someone in our game to insta-quit because they saw someone disconnected. They might have thought someone was quitting and left themselves. It'd be nice to avoid that situation as well.