Flashback draft formats -- Invasion block, Triple original Ravnica, Triple Champions of Kamigawa are popular and when it is up people play it a lot


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I'm passionate about flashback drafts, and I'm sure a lot of people on mtgo are as well. With MTGA being a place where a lot of people play standard and the new draft format, a unique market space MTGO has is 1) cubes of all different kinds, including vintage cards, and 2) any flashback draft.

I want to add another voice that I love flashback drafts and the more that that is done, the more I will play MTGO. I've noticed that some flashback draft formats are much more popular than others (and I'm sure WIzards and now Daybreak have analytics about this). Wanted to point out ones that I have noticed were played by both a lot of people and people played a lot in those formats for the week they were up.

Number one I personally played the most and saw a lot of people playing:
Invasion block -- to quote a tweet from LSV, one week a year is not enough for Invasion block.

Some other popular ones:
Triple original Ravnica and Triple Champions of Kamigawa.

Some ones that I think would have reasonable uptake:
Odyssey block draft, triple Zendikar, and whatever else their analytics tells them.

What else do people feel? My opinion and those of several other people I have read tells me some of these old favorite drafts will bring people out of the wood works. I know we all have our own personal pet favorite formats, but which formats can we honestly say are ones we both popular and ones we like?


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You should have posted this under Suggestions, so people can upvote.

Anyway what I think might be good idea is to implement larger permanent offering of flashback drafts and make them 8 pod swiss. And to have better overview on how many people are waiting in each there could be some unified GUI for all these 8 pod queues.