Backlog Feast on the Fallen Won't Trigger

I was playing a game tonight and had Feast on the Fallen out. One of my opponents lost life and the enchantment didn't trigger on the next upkeep. I thought maybe it might have just been something strange that happened, but it happened again after I successfully attacked an opponent. Not sure what's going on with it.

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Likely fixed with the Gonti's Machinations fix
I just tried testing it out again and it's still not working. There's nothing mentioned in the log, and nothing goes on the stack. It just sits there and does absolutely nothing.

Event # 261662026
Game # 849943000
I'm gonna bump this up, as the card is more than likely still not functioning. My Marchesa deck would love to run this, but it just does not trigger at all.


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Still bugged as of 29Dec2023. It triggered once, but then never again for the rest of the game. At the time it did trigger, I had two creatures with no +1/+1 counters on board. I swung with both at two different players and it triggered on the next upkeep. Next turn, I played a creature and swung again and there were no feast triggers for the rest of the game. I've had it not trigger on the first time before as well.
This is still an issue. I was in a game where an opponent lost life and it still didn't trigger. Not sure what the situation is here, but the card is essentially dead at this point.

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