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Are there rules I need to follow on these forums?
Yes. You may find the complete forum guidelines HERE. Also, located in some of the forums, there will be additional guidelines in a sticky post at the top of the section explaining its proper use. Violation of the posted guidelines can result in warnings issued to your forum account. If too many warnings have been accumulated, a suspension or a permanent forum ban will be issued on the account. Warnings are cumulative until they expire off the account.

How do I get a hold of Customer Service for a payment or account problem?
You can send a ticket at help.mtgo.com and Customer Service will respond to your ticket as soon as they come upon it in the queue. You can also access this link by pressing the Help button located in the top section of this forum, or on the homepage. Please remember that all tickets are responded to on a first come, first served process.

When should I send a ticket to Customer Service instead of posting on the forums?
A ticket to Customer service should be made for any issue that involves personal or sensitive data.
Such as, but not limited to:
Payment issues - Payment not processing, charge not going through, payment page is down.
Redemption issues - Unable to redeem, error on redemption.
Account issues - Cannot login, forgot my security question, password not resetting, unable to change my email on the account.
Ban Appeal - Appealing a sanction to in-game account only.

How can I check the status of a ticket I've sent into Customer Service?
Head to help.mtgo.com and log into the account you've sent your ticket from. You can also access this link by pressing the Help button located in the top section of this forum, or on the homepage. On this page, you will see a section titled "My Activities". All your ticket statuses can be found there. Please remember that all tickets are responded to on a first come, first served process.

I have a make a Bug Report, what do I do?
Head over to the Bug Report Forum and check if it's been reported. If not, please create a new thread with as much information as you can provide about the issue. If you do find a ticket about the issue, Upvote it to show you are having the issue as well. Our development team keeps a close eye on the Bug Report section. Be sure to check the stickied guide to ensure you follow the forum rules.

There is an Exploit, do I report it in the Bug Report forum?
Please review the post on How to report an exploit and follow the steps there. Exploits should never be posted in a public thread, nor in the bug report section. Posting them publicly might encourage those who were unaware of them previously to try them.

How can I report another users post/thread here on the forum?
Within the offending post, you will see the word "Report" in the lower left corner. Click that, and it will take you to a short form. Please give the reason you are reporting the post, then press confirm. The report will be reviewed by the staff and appropriate measures taken if needed.

Can I appeal a warning, suspension or ban to by forum account?
Of course! If you feel a sanction to your account was unjustified, you are welcome to direct message a Community Team member and explain why you feel it is unjustified, or to ask for clarification. While we strive to be as close to perfect as possible, we are only human and mistakes can be made. Please note that posting a grievance to a sanction on the public forums is not permitted and can result in further sanctions.


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How can I Direct or Private Message someone on these forums?
Click their name in any post, and it will open a small pop-up. Inside the pop-up, click "Start a Conversation" and type your message. It will show up in their mail within seconds.

How can I see when I have a Direct or Private Message?
In the upper right corner of the forums, next to your forum name, you will see an envelope icon. If you have a message, there will be a little red number next to it. Simply click the icon, then the message you wish to read.

Why should I search before reporting a bug which affects me?
We use the voting system to gauge how many people are affected by a particular bug. When more than one thread is posted about the same issue, the voting is split and we cannot get an accurate count of people affected. It is important to search before reporting, and upvoting if you find the issue which is affecting you.

Why should I Upvote bug reports?
It is a great tool for us to gauge how many players are affected by the same bug. With this system, we can see what issues that our player-base deem more important or less important. If it affects you, please upvote it.

What are Filters and how can I use them?
At the top of each forum section, in the right corner is a Filter button. You can sort all threads in that forum section by oldest, newest, title, replies, views, and first post reaction score for multiple timespans. Within the Bug Report section, you can also search by votes and prefixes.
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