Backlog Falkenrath Gorger doesn't trigger madness


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I have experienced issues with Falkenrath Gorger's Madness ability on multiple occasions. Sometimes it will work properly, but other times while it is in play, if I discard a vampire to either Fable of the Mirror Breaker's 2nd Chapter or to Blood tokens, the card will still be discarded to exile, but I will get no opportunity to cast it, and it will also not go back to the graveyard :(
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Had a similar issue with Avacyn's Judgment recently, when I would discard it, Madness would trigger, but never actually allow me to cast the card for Madness. First time this happened I thought I might've clicked through it, but 2nd time around, I was extra careful and just never got an opportunity to cast it.


Seems like the cards that do not have a set Madness cost on them are bugged?

Avacyn's Judgment and Under the Floorboards both have {X} in the cost and seem to be affected.
Falkenrath Gorger kinda does the same, were the Madness cost varies depending on what you discard.

I suspect Welcome to the Fold would also be affected.

And maybe Shadowgrange Archfiend, as it also has extra cost paid with Life.
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