Fixed Fable of the Mirrorbreaker bug, second chapter only discarded cards on auto yield


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Hi. This is my first bug report ever. I hope this gets read in time to prevent further encounter.
Today i played a vintage cube draft game. it was match 1 game 1. i played fable of the mirror breaker. on my next main phase as the trigger from fable had to be placed onto the stack i rightclicked the trigger and selected first "always yes to..." and then with another rightclick on the trigger "always yield to triggers from..." then i placed the trigger on the stack. the game immediately gave me the option to choose what cards i wanted to discard and highlighted my hand cards as poart of resolving the trigger. i chose two cards. then the game immediately proceeded to place the cards into the graveyard but without letting me draw two cards. as drawing was very crucial for me at the current game state and the game bugged me out, i conceded later on as a result of this bug, so that i can get to the next game with enough time to maybe win the match. i checked the gamelog and it said as follows: trigger was put on the stack with the reminder that if cards are discarded then i get to draw that many. then discard first card. discard second card. and nothing else. i proceeded with attack but felt cheated in every way.

the game mentioned is in Event #255410813, Game 1 #824761358, Yemras against Runner20205

i talked with my opponent about this bug and he suggested i made a bug report and get a refund of the entry of the vintage cube. i hereby make this request.

Thanks a lot for the swift fix. greetings yemras


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Reimbursement requests need to be done via ticketing to Login using the exact same login as your client, then go to Sumbit a request in the top right of the webpage to get to the help form.


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Yesterday, and the day before i've had the same issue with fable of the mirror breaker... i want to state that this bug is active and still unsolved!!