Could Not Reproduce Dungeon trigger missing


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In the new player sealed event, I attacked with planar ally attacked the first time that game and triggered venture. I clicked the X button to look behind the venture trigger and look at the "view dungeon information" panel, but then I was unable to reopen the venture trigger in any way to select the dungeon I wished to venture into. I wasn't able to yield to the trigger, it just said "Venture. (click a dungeon to choose it) but there was nowhere to reopen a dialog box. Right clicking to open "view dungeon information" did not help either. The trigger was on the stack trying to resolve, but I couldn't choose a dungeon so my opponent and I sat there for 25 minutes trying to google it with no success.

Edit: I tried closing out the client and reopening it. When it came up, the dungeon trigger had reappeared. Sadly, I had less than 20 seconds left on the clock. Is there anything that could be done about this?
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