Discussion: Changes to Standard Rotation


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According to Aaron Forsythe there will be a major change in Standard set rotation starting with the release of Wilds of Eldraine.

WoTC Article for reference

Basically it comes down to Standard sets will stay in Standard for 3 instead of 2 years.

This of course will also include all the cards hated or loved by players. Will there be bannings? Who knows at this point in time… is it likely some cards get the axe? Probably. What cards would you like to see leave current standard?

PT Minneapolis is in the books, maybe some of you followed live coverage a bit, it seemed that certain cards where quite dominant (namely Fable of the Mirror Breaker, maybe the other usual suspects as well). So my question is, which 10 cards do you see as ban worthy from a prolonged standard format either because they lead to boring play or are simply too powerful?

Buying into standard cards is always a big risk, as the powerful cards tend to ask for a premium price (Fable hit 45+, Atraxa and Sheoldred keep their price level at around 30 tix for quite a while now, etc…). Banning those cards will certainly upset a few people. The most expensive cards are probably the first cards too look at in regards of banworthy or not. But being expensive alone should certainly not be the only criterium too decide what gets the axe and what not.

In my opinion the worst that could happen from the prolonged life cycle of standard sets will probably be that the format could feel stale after a while, because some cards are obviously more powerful than alternatives at the same mana cost and thus keeping a lot of cards from ever seeing play.

Are staples a good thing for a format or do they exclude other cards from ever seeing play?

For reference, top 6 most expensive standard cards with approximated price, as of 8th of May 23.
- Fable of the Mirror Breaker (around 45 tix, multi format staple)

- Atraxa (around 40 tix, ridiculous card advantage reanimator target that even sees play in Vintage)

- Sheoldred, the Apocalypse (dipped down to around 30 tix lately, very powerful creature that keeps a lot of alternative black formats out of the spot light because it arguably is way better than the competition)

- Boseiju (also around 30 tix, mostly because it sees play in older formats as well… not really a 4 of staple in Standard, but each Green deck can play it with little opportunity cost)

- Leyline Binding (around 20 tix. White Removal has a weird tendency to fetch premium prices after set release, this one kept its price tag for quite some time now, as it also sees play in older formats and the high printed CMC that gets severe discounts has some uses).

- Cityscape Leveler (around 13 tix, Commander card maybe? Don‘t feel like this one sees any real amount of play in current standard)

Note worthy cards that are arguably too strong/oppressive that keep other cards out of the format could include:
- Wedding Announcement

- Haughty Djinn?

- The Wandering Emperor

- Farewell?

What do you guys and gals think about standard rotation being a year longer now? What (if anything) should get the ban hammer?