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Death's shadow is counting negative life towards it's power and toughness. Subtracting the negative to add a massive amount to it's power/toughness.

Gatherer States "If your life total is negative, X is considered to be 0."

I recently had an opponent use angel's grace and spoilers of the vault to drain their life down to around -40 to make death's shadow a 53/53. They seemed unaware that this was not the correct effect of death's shadow's ability, (which is fair because without knowing the ruling you would assume this was fine)
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Had the same guy I would assume in a game with me. I also mentioned it was a bug. Player name was YourBestFriend.


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Can confirm that solitaire testing Death's Shadow incorrectly gets larger from having a negative life total. Hopefully, if we have cases of players taking advantage of this bug during games like Prothero mentioned, even if not maliciously so, this problem can be bumped up in priority out from the purgatory of the backlog labeling.

Like stated earlier we have a ruling that calls this out as incorrect.
  • If your life total is negative, X is considered to be 0.(2020-08-07)

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