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Currently in the Supreme Masters phantom draft, Cryptic Spires is being cloned when adding lands and it gives you an inaccurate land count. The extra spires only disappear once in game.
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This happened to me several times in the Supreme Masters draft league. In my first draft (for reference, Match 1 had ID #263975333), two extra copies of Cryptic Spires appeared in my deck when I added basic lands, and I was unable to save the deck; I got an error message along the lines of "the contents of this deck aren't legal in the format". The extra copies went away when I closed and reopened the deck builder. This same issue has occurred for me in another Supreme Masters draft as well.

In addition, during Match #263979832, I added a basic land during sideboarding while having a Cryptic Spires in my maindeck. An additional copy of Cryptic Spires appeared in my deck. This meant that I was unable to make changes during sideboarding, because whenever I tried to submit the modified deck (even with the extra Cryptic Spires not being in the maindeck) I received an error message saying: "An error occurred. Some cards that incorrectly appeared in your pool were detected and removed." The extra Cryptic Spires was not actually removed after this message was shown, so I was not able to make sideboard changes.