Fixed Conceding With Eureka on the Stack Causes "Reversion to Last Stable State"


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Bug occurs upon casting of opponent's Eureka. I attempt to concede with the Eureka on the stack and asking me to place a permanent in play after my opponent had placed their first permanent into play. At that time MTGO seems to freeze up for about a minute or two. I initially thought that my opponent or myself had disconnected. I closed all other programs on my machine and doubled checked my internet connection, which was still functional. So i thought that the issue might be on my opponent's end.

After about a minute being frozen MTGO spit out an error that went something like "Unstable Game state, reverting to last stable game state". And then the game seemed to restart. I expected to be dumped into the sideboarding screen, but instead was greeted with what appeared to be a fresh game with new starting hands drawn. I was very confused as i wasn't sure if i was in Game 1 again or had been somehow launched into Game 2 without an opportunity to sideboard.

Unfortunately, i'm guessing MTGO ate the game replay which contained the video log of the error. I don't know how to recall it, best guess it probably just got deleted when the game reverted to it's last stable state, which appears in retrospect to be the start of Game 1.

Game ID 838017176
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While my opponent has priority when eureka is resolving and on the stack they concede the game. On my end the game shows them as having priority and their clock is counting down. After a few minutes the game restarts and tries to get to the same spot. It succeeds but my opponent does nothing and eventually the game restarts with new hands and life totals. In the log it shows my opponent conceded but I don't get the win for that game.
Event ID#258934582
Game ID#838900144 not the right one as your system seems to have deleted it but this is the first game recorded. I didn't have time to screenshot as I was hoping it would fix itself. My opponent even says eureka in chat. I was very heated and my opponent was understanding fortunately.
To recreate the issue I would have some concede while there own eureka is on the stack and possibly put an emrakul into play with it was well.
This has happened twice to me now and the game record seems to not get recorded in the tools I have access to. Hopefully devs have more tools to look at recorded games.
Thank you for your time and all you do. Please reach out with any questions or if you would like more context.


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conceding while things are in the stack often causes a game restart, not only for eureka, but many other effects too.