Competitive-Format Wishlist - Add to MTGO


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Hello, I strongly suggest that all cards that are (or could be) meta relevant cards from last sets, are added to MTGO. Pauper is an Official MTG format, and the are some huge missing cards for Pauper, both which were released in the last year.

The two most important cards that aren't available are:

- Chains of Custody. This is a huge card for Mono White Bully, a deck that has shown great results in Leagues, Challenges and my local scene too. Also, it is a huge adition to Tethmos High Priest decks, as it protects the main card of these decks (the Priest), it is a great removal, and it gets a Heroic Trigger. The card is meta relevant and has shown important results in various LGS, so it must be added to MTGO.

- Jade Orb of Dragon Kind. This card would allow tons of play to Changellings decks and green Dragon Initiative decks. It improves stats of all creatures of these two decks.

As a huge Pauper fan, I've been playing the format for more than ten years. I am truly disappointed of not seeing these cards on MTGO, and I am seriosly considering quitting MTGO if you won't add this cards to the game and if you won't add more meta relevant cards in the future.
Judging from this thread, in general it seems Baldur's Gate cards are high up on priority list.

Would be great to just handle that en masse, all at once.
Can I please second Abdel Adrian, Gorion's Ward? The card has a variety of applications in Legacy and Commander. It's an upgrade for some Reanimator builds as a combo with Animate Dead to make infinite 1/1 tokens (like a safer and stronger Worldgorger Dragon), and it's also promising in hybrid control/combo value decks as a fair value engine that also threatens an infinite combo.


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As someone who enjoys playing legacy, it kinda sucks when making a deck and you can't play it online because one or a couple of the cards are from a supplement set not available on mtgo. I've had this issue multiple times with specifically Mawloc from the warhammer 40k commander decks. I've also seen some cool lists using the attractions from the newest un-set. I think it's really odd that they make cards from these sets specifically legal for the eternal formats and commander and then never make then available to players online.


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I'd like to point out some specific cards from Unfinity that are seeing play in the paper Pauper format. Pauper is currently in a bad spot where the paper and online meta are very different. Releasing the whole Unfinity eternal legal set on MTGO would help a bit with closing that gap, but if it has to be done in batches, these are the cards that are making an impact on the paper format and should be prioritized:
  • Chicken Troupe
  • Finishing Move
  • Clowning Around
  • ___ Goblin
  • Embiggen
  • Command Performance

And here are some cards that haven't been mentioned in the thread yet from older sets, Deep Water and Déjà Vu; also, we're still missing a small number of cards from CLB: for example, Colossal Badger, Band Together and Myconid Spore Tender.

Thank you Daybreak and MTGO Team for the great communication so far!


I would like to throw another vote at Abdel Adrian. The card is very important component to the Kroxa and Kuronos deck and it's kind of a nightmare trying to win high power commander games without it.


Reminder on the timelines of some of these requests:
  • 40K we are hoping to get in by end of Q2 2023
  • UNF is in a similar timeline to 40K, though it doesn't require the full decks in the same way as 40K
  • SNC and other Commander cards from the backlog are, well, backlogged - mostly due to the demands on the Cardset team to keep up with current sets.
Is there an updated timeline for the 40k decks?


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Was trying to build a pauper deck and noticed myconid spore tender wasn't in mtgoso I'd like to request that.


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Would absolutely love to see Ashcoat Of The Shadowswarm added and im sure anyone who wants a cool commander for their rat deck would totes agree! It's basically MADE for Rat Colony decks.