Commander-Specific Wishlist - Add to MTGO


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Any plans to add some missing old-school stuff?

A couple of the more obscure cards from the early expansions from Arabian Nights up to Alliances weren't included in the Masters Edition set releases.

Like for example...
Season of the Witch (!)
Initiates of the Ebon Hand
Soldevi Adnate
Agent of Stromgald
Fatal Lore
Keeper of Tresserhorn
Library of Lat-Nam
Lim-Duls Paladin (!)
Mind Bomb (!)
Wand of Ith (!)
Backdraft (!)

The list of missing things is even longer than this (doubt anyone would miss some of the real stinkers, but a few are quite playable).

Don't think a lot of those would see play, except in some niche Commander decks, but Season of the Witch would be really sweet for Mono B Devotion piles for example. And Blasphemous Act players will love Backdraft. ;-)


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I would like to suggest DIVERGENT TRANSFORMATIONS be added to the data base. I was building a deck and like 76 cards in realized it wasnt available. Its quite frustrating since it took me a while to develop this deck and i cant even play it the way it was intended. This card came out in commander 2016. what are the chances this gets added sometime soon?


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Occult Epiphany (Crimson Vow Commander) has gotta be one of the strongest non-40K cards not currently on MTGO. Just a very powerful & flexible effect. Please add!
I too get excited about a new card to add to a deck, or a new commander to build around, when the sets are released - and I'm often disappointed to find so many cards that don't make it to MTGO.

On that note, I've been holding out hope that Esix, Fractal Bloom will someday arrive with zero fanfare in the dead of night now for 2 whole years. A quick check every once in a while and the hope is fading.


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Please add: Death Tyrant (not to be confused with “we have Ghastly Death Tyrant at home.”).

Also: Ancient Brass Dragon! Really lean on them roll 20 dragons!

Last: Altar of Bhaal, ok you might have guessed I have a pet dragon reanimated deck at this point. However these are all fun splash cards in my opinion I’d love to see in mtgo. XD
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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this request, but I would really like to see Jon Irenicus added to the game. I don't know all the ins and outs of what cards your team is allowed to bring to the game, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Not sure if there is a reason he was not added to the game after his release. The mechanics seem to be fine, moving creatures from one players control to another. So please team lets give Jon his overdue invite to the game.


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I would like to add Ray of Erasure, Updraft, Siren's Call, Worms of the Earth, and Sacrifice as things I would like to see added for commander.
The Stranger Things cards were listed as included in Treasure Chests on the announcement on June 27th but I can't find them anywhere, the rest of the cards listed are showing up fine.
First off, big thanks to Daybreak games. I know MTGO isn't perfect, but a bunch of card bugs and other issues that were around for so long and the old client have been fixed since you took over.

But if we are requesting cards to be added, I'd primarily really love Regal Behemoth, Inkshield and Bucknard's Everfull Purse.

And in a perfect world, I discovered just today trying to make a "give opponents choices" deck that a lot of the voting cards aren't on MTGO especially the ones that mess with voting, like Tivit, Seller of Secrets, Ballot Broker, and Illusion of Choice. I'm sure the voting mechanic, and

I know it's wrong, but I just really want to live the dream of using Illusion of Choice with Expropriate to take a bunch of turns in a row and make my opponents rage quit.


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I totally get if Wizards doesn't want to sell full Commander precons on MTGO but please atleast let us buy the singles. I'd love to make a Beamtown Bullies or a Veyran deck but can't because they do not exist on MTGO. Just feels as though it is limiting our options for exciting new Commanders.


We have had limited team bandwidth dating back to Strixhaven (when Wizards still ran MTGO, instead of now which is Daybreak Games), so Commander cards from many of those sets (STX, CLB, MID, VOW, NEO, SNC, and more recently MOM) are now in our Commander Backlog.

Our team is growing, so as business priorities are completed we move closer to working on these cards. Most new sets provide the tech needed to implement a handful of cards from the Backlog, and we hope to actively hack at it again at some point in the near future.