Not A Bug Client Lag


Seems like the longer i play mtgo, the more laggy it is. If one of my games goes long, its difficult to finish. often ill be behind 5 mins on clock from my opponent. It takes 10 seconds just for Seasoned Pyromancer to put 2 tokens in play.

My Computer is running updated Win 10, i7-8700k (not overclocked atm), 3080ti, and 32gbs of ram. Normal troubleshooting steps dont resolve the issue and the only thing that puts a band-aide over it is restarting the client. My wifes computer, which runs low to mid components runs the client better. Can any assist me in what i might be missing or need to do in order to fix this issue. my wifes PC also is using an AMD chip. not sure if that makes the difference or not. Thanks.

Ever since the last update where we all got nailed with severe lag in game, and the subsequent patch to correct that issue, I've noticed whenever I load my collection, look at my decks, make changes to my decks, etc., I slowly over time receive so much lag, it makes the game unplayable. When I type my words in game, the words trail 4 or more behind what I'm actually typing, and I have to wait for them to catch up to know if I typed things right. And sometimes, the SEND button is completely greyed out and I cannot send messages in game unless I reload. It takes me forever to look at a card when it hits, and when I want to set up passes on card interactions it takes forever for them to input.

When I reload, and if I do not go look at my collection, it's better again, for some reason, and I can play normally. It's so strange, and I don't know what's causing it. Possibly a memory leak of some kind, I don't know. All I know is if I do any deck changes, or mess with my collection at all, I have to log out in order to play any games correctly.


Can confirm there's still lag. I rarely if ever experience lag on MTGO, but I had to restart the client just to finish editing my sealed deck.
The lag is really, really bad. I don't know if it's related to foil animation being enabled, but I have a really high-end PC and I'm still getting intolerable lag.

This also affects the ability to use collection filters and sideboard. Sometimes the client area with the cards is grayed out and uninteractable. Minimizing the window and then restoring it sometimes resolves the issue.

The biggest problem is that the entire game feels like trudging through waist-deep water. Never mind typing; I have to wait 0.5-2 seconds between every click for the client to respond, and sometimes it just seemingly decides to throw away my input. The amount of clock that this wastes is hard to overstate.

I can now corroborate Strathaczar's experience that this lag is caused by spending time tinkering around in the collection tab.

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After some tests, it seems that MTGO is opening 20+ threads to search for cards (I own around 50000 cards for ease of deckbuilding so that's probably why). However, due to my system configuration all of these threads are created on the same CPU core, and as a result search takes around 20 seconds. Same with all the dragging operations, they create a lot of new threads and the CPU core gets completely overloaded. Just my couple cents on this from technical pov
Just as the title says. Game gets laggy after 2 matches or so. CPU usage jumps from ~10% to ~25%. First game is great, second, not so much. 3rd, and clicking a land into play might take 5 seconds. Good luck finishing your match in 25 minutes. But hay, at least we got shiny cards and "neon" treatments, right? right? Can the devs actually fix something that matters in the game?


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Yeah, while I should clarify that I LOVE the new foiling. I would like to have my cake and eat too in the sense of being able to keep the pretty foils but NOT have all the lag cause I TOTALLY experience exactly what you're talking about.


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This started happening to me right around the time Lost Caverns of Ixalan was released. Before then, I was experiencing very little lag/slowdown even when playing Magic Online for multiple hours at a time and with other programs running in the background. At approximately the time that the Lost Caverns of Ixalan update came out, I suddenly found MTGO progressively lagging more and more while running and using much more CPU than before. I now have to restart MTGO in between almost every match in order to play without too much lag, and I usually have to close any background programs as well.


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This is still an issue.

Something changed with the foil update + the CPU usage fix shortly after. The game hasn't been the same since.
It always performed bad but tapping lands was always responsive. Now once the lag starts even that becomes a chore.