Could Not Reproduce Chancellor of the Annex Counters Cascade Trigger


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I was playing a game with Living End and my opponent had revealed a Chancellor of the Annex before the game started. I had not cast any spells yet so the Chancellor's ability had not triggered yet.

When I played my Shardless Agent the spell went on the stack and triggered the cascade and then the Chancellor's ability. When asked to pay 1 to not have it counter the Shardless Agent, I declined and then it removed the cascade trigger from the stack.

This happened in League #7132, Match #257316225 - Game #832394652


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Opponent revealed Chancellor of the Annex and I was casting an artifact spell and couldn't use the workshop mana to pay the one colorless for that artifact spell. Couldn't click on the colorless mana symbol.

League #7164 - Match #257347246 - Game #832520106

btw: how can I upload an screenshot?
Chancellor of the Annex's ability is not an artifact spell, and Mishra's Workshop says "Spend this mana only to cast artifact spells." It's not possible to pay for it with mana with this restriction. Perhaps you are thinking of effects like Sphere of Resistance that increase the casting cost of a spell, but Chancellor of the Annex's ability is more like Force Spike (or Mana Tithe). It is a separate trigger that goes on the stack after the spell is already cast.